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Phil Nelson

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Digital Audio Workstation Private Instruction


This is the best mastering, cleanup, fix it, punch it up service I've ever used.
Phil is organized, prepared, has tons of experience and extremely versatile when it comes to genres/style/era.
What an advantage to have a composer/arranger/orchestrator/recording engineer to do your final mastering. I've worked on many projects with Phil and he has always been a pleasure to work with and the outcome has always been fabulous.
Edo Guidotti, Pacific Coast Presentations, Inc.

I did my first recording session with Phil in 1978 and have done many more since then. We have recorded album projects, commercials, and audio for a children's book. One of the projects that I did in Phil's studio has been on a compilation album in the UK since 2015. I continue to admire his professionalism and expertise with recording techniques.
by J. Gill

When I needed to find someone to produce my first 4 disc CD [self-help] release, someone suggested Phil Nelson to me. His selection of a studio was perfect. His presence as a director allowed the session to go smoothly; saving me both time and money. He edited the takes and composed and performed the background music. The CD sets are still selling.
by Dr. Janolyn Moore

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Smooth and natural or in your face and loud, I have been shoving faders around for thirty years plus. I can work from your unmixed tracks or make a finished master from your two-track mix. I've written hundreds of jingles for radio and TV, produced thousands of commercial tracks, and consistently have something on somebody's chart somewhere.

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The instruction manual for Digital Audio Workstations
  may be over four hundred pages long. Even speed readers
    can get tired of looking up "How to's" in a PDF that size.

I offer individualized (maximum
   2 students per class) training in
      Basic and Intermediate DAW usage.

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The music on this page demonstrates some of the recording services performed by me in various recording sessions.
As a mix engineer, I can bring a fresh set of ears and new directions to your previously recorded tracks. If I can be of service to you, give me a call or send an email. I look forward to working with you.

...Phil Nelson, Recording/Mix Engineer
			St. Augustine, Florida, USA
						(904) 810-8863

Daylight With a Flashlight | Vocal recording engineer, mix engineer, and mastering.
Gotta Dance | Session recording engineer, mix engineer, and mastering.
Guajira | Mastering engineer.
Rondo-AllegroMenor - Duo No.2 in G major - Cinco Duos de Guitarra | Recording engineer and mix engineer.
Make Up Another Lie | Session recording engineer, mix engineer, and mastering.
Strange Love | Vocal recording engineer, mix engineer and mastering.
The Blues Dont Make You Blue | Session recording engineer, mixing, and mastering.

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    Either Basic or Intermediate level, I offer instruction in how to get started with your Digital Audio Work Station (DAW) and help you avoid the initial frustrations. You'll also learn some tips and tricks that it could take your years to pick up otherwise. These are individual classes, limited to a maximum of two or three students. Classes are 90 minutes and offer hands-on experience. Send an email to get the details.

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