Need to reach the crowd?

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Television too expensive?
Not enough value in Radio?
e-Jingles can give your website the same media punch that broadcast outlets use to sell everything from can openers to luxury cars.
While your website is loading, e-Jingles starts and uses a simple, easy to remember melody to imprint your business name and slogan (or address) into the visitor's memory.
e-Jingles are short; typically five or ten seconds. They are, in effect, a mini-commercial for you, and they use the persuasiveness of sound along with your website's visual impact to present your site in a powerful and professional manner.
Your website is "On the Air" 24 hours a day, seven days every week. Make it a hard-working commercial for your business with e-Jingles, now only $99.00!
Not yearly, not monthly, not weekly...just $99.00 for each e-Jingle. How's that for value!