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Buy Smart Carpet

Central Furniture Gallery

Guilford Garden Center

Cheap Joe's Famous Store

Holly Bail Bonds

WebcraftWizard Signature

Simply Toys (toy store)

Auto Dealer

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Why a jingle? A jingle is a device used to help your listeners remember you as a vendor when your products or services are needed. It is not a song designed to entertain and become popular. True, some of them do, but that doesn't make them more or less valuable as an advertising tool. In fact, almost any song, if it is heard enough, will be retained in a listener's short term memory, and can be easily recalled almost immediately when only a few notes are heard. Even if a long period of time has elapsed, the melody can be recalled quickly, whether it was a "favorite song" or not.

That, boys and girls, is what makes a jingle an effective advertising tool.

Radio commercials, television commercials, or music for websites, LAJingles has the experience of over thirty years of award-winning production. Put the powerful sound of music to work for your business by getting in touch with us today.
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